Best Friends

by Ladyhips

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Thank you for your patience!

Best Friends is dedicated to all of our friends and family who made this record possible. We were fortunate to record and produce this record at very minimal cost, with an enormous amount time allotted for creative freedom, both mentally and in raw hours.

As a thanks for putting up with our constant delaying of this particular release, this record is available to download immediately for free on Bandcamp. However, any purchase over 8 dollars will pre-order a physical copy of the record, with an anticipated release in September.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our debut release. Expect more to come in the upcoming months!!



released August 4, 2012

Best Friends
Recording Engineer- Adam Grover
Produced by Ladyhips and Adam Grover
Mixed by Adam Grover
Mastered by Dan Bacigalupi at Georgetown Masters
Recorded at The Hartt School, Paul’s house in Rochester, Lake Ontario and at the Tremont House.
℗ & © 2012 Ladyhips

Ladyhips are
Mike DiPanfilo: Guitars
Sam Horan: Drums
Paul Philippone: Keyboards
Sean Rubin: Basses and Vocals

Artwork provided by Dan Rubenbauer, assisted by Ty Morin.

Ladyhips would first like to thank their families and friends for their love and support. They would also like to thank all of the invaluable resources they received at The Hartt School, including the MPT Department, the Jackie McLean Institute, the ISD Department, Percussion Department, and all of Hartts facilities.

A huge thanks to Adam Grover for all of his hard work and patience.

Extended thanks go to Jess Brey, Steph Crandall, Andrew Cusanelli, Jack Daniels, Matt Lefevre, Bobbi Giel, Jason Ott, Clay Pipkin, Andrew Tripp, and Aldean Yasay. Also thanks to Welbith Mota and Keith Farrell for putting up with us. buh

All Songs written by Ladyhips
Additional percussion on The Boat Song provided by James Waterman
Gang vocals on Best Friends by:
Seth Bailey, Mike DiPanfilo, Vivie Doughty, Adam Grover, Emilio Guarino, Liam Hanna, Matt Lefevre, Beth Mirahver, Paul Philippone, Adam Paul, Ian Robinson and Jake and Ben Silver



all rights reserved


Ladyhips Hartford, Connecticut

Ladyhips are a band out of Hartford, CT. We combine influences ranging from all over, as the members of the group perform in such ensembles as combos and orchestras. From Bach to Bird.

Be on the lookout for some new materials in the near future. Thank you!
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Track Name: Degrees of Separation
We are sitting here
With the masters of our league
They're living with the stage fright
Closed up in boxes
And it's been called upon us
To fight for what we hide

You've really had me going there for a while

In the deepest forest
She'll come to me and say
What do we have here?
On this ordinary day
It's just an ordinary day

Oh, you've really had me going there for a while
Thinking I knew who you knew
It's just that degree of separation that keeps me from where I wanna go
Track Name: Similarities
All my life
I've been a customer
To your heart
Making ends meet

Bottled up
Anger in my heart
Never reaches you

Single Out
Oh there's nothing wrong
No, there's nothing wrong

Hum a tune
In a salty mood?
Listen to a groove
Listen to a groove
Fall into a groove
Track Name: The Boat Song
I'll be home soon
Despite what was written
And I'll stop your worries in an instant
Survive what was reckoned

These are wasted lives
Nothing good
You've been fighting in a war aint worth your trouble
And your future's spoken to

I've been sleeping in the ocean
I've been dreaming of your tea

I emerge to find your waves disrupted
The sea all high tide
I breathe your life a new perspective
To mend your weak condition

All these brutal tears
Gone for good
The picture in my mind has gained it's color
That once had seemed un-hued.
Track Name: Westmoreland
I will find the road that calls to us
In your very essence you know that the hardest part is done

All arise in awe of all that loves
When your taste seems bitter, we'll meet to rejuvenate the sweet

Inside, out of sight
Is the center
Why must we go so far with running jokes?
Like a dried up standup routine

It's unclear to me, you know
Track Name: Simple Obligations
The smoothest thing about you lies
Deep inside your pocket watch
Feel it while it fades away

Mountains by a starry road
You're just about to lose control
Feel it while it fades away


It feels like there is nothing left to do
Indulge, indulge
More and more and more and more

We all know what's coming next
I read your lips all painted red
I'll paint you red
I'll paint you red

Suppose in your confidence
All jokes aside, we multiplied
And painted red
We'll paint you red

Simple obligations keep up occupied
Simple obligations, you don't ask why
Track Name: Glow Brighter
She's waiting for an answer
While buzzards go wild
But after she dwells on the moment for longer
Her need for solution subsides

Regards to what you've asked me
I'll never reply
So no more commotion
Just keep your devotion
Trust in my reasons, oh try

Settle down
You're thinking too much
Settle down
Cease to magnify

I'm thinking of a reason
To crawl back inside
It's been too long a wait to get you
Banking on my pride

Settle Down
You're asking too much
Settle down
Your words will leave me crying
Ever try
Track Name: Best Friends
How many best friends do you have?
Do they make you real happy, do the make you real glad?
You take em' to the grocery store to pick up some snacks
But you save em' all for later when it's time to relax!

If I had one hundred dollars I would
Give half to you
You're my favorite friend in the whole wide world!

How many secrets do you know?
Do you keep em' in your pocket, but never ever show?
I heard a funny story that I think you should hear
But I don't think I can tell ya' till the coast is clear

If I had one hundred dollars I would
Give half to you
You're my favorite friend in the whole wide world!

(things got a little heavy there)

You know I won't do no harm
So buddy don't be alarmed!
You know we gotta stick together zoo-boo wap-ba do boww, ooh whoa

So how many best friends do you have?
Well, it's not too important, but I really have to ask
When we're hanging out together I gotta learn what you know
But when it's time to leave you know I never wanna go
I bet that we'll be hanging out til' the end of the day
And I can't wait till tomorrow when it's time to go and play (hooray!)

If I had one hundred dollars I would
Give half to you
You are my best friend in the whole wide world!