Live at Farmtone

by Ladyhips

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released April 22, 2014

Live at Farmtone
Videos Directed by Ty Morin
Recording Engineer: David Raymond, James Duffy
Mixing Engineer: Floyd Kellogg
Mastered by Adam Grover at Georgetown Masters
Videographers: Ty Morin and Jessica Glass
Video Editing: Ty Morin
Assistant: Jeremy Whitney

Ladyhips are
Jesse Combs
Mike Dipanfilo
Sam Horan
Paul Philippone
Sean Rubin

Additional Musicians
Tucker Barney
Adam Clark
Victoria Medeiros

Special Thanks to Telefunken Elektroakustik, Alan Veniscofsky, Jennifer Crookes Carpenter, Casa de Warrenton, and Tom and Kate for “lending” us a staircase.
Paul plays Hammond Organs.
In loving memory of Marty.



all rights reserved


Ladyhips Hartford, Connecticut

Ladyhips are a band out of Hartford, CT. We combine influences ranging from all over, as the members of the group perform in such ensembles as combos and orchestras. From Bach to Bird.

Be on the lookout for some new materials in the near future. Thank you!
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Track Name: In The Ballroom
We were in the ballroom
Playing with the lights off
Putting on a show tonight....

A time machine don't mince it's words
When taken out of line
I'll stare into caricatures
with her
I ain't got shit to hide

So come and take a ride with me
I'll even let you hold the keys
Overloaded, don't show it
Just hope I don't blow it the next time
The next time

We were in the ballroom
Firing our guns off
Putting on a show tonight...

And when the audience arrives
It makes us feel alive
From our overtures
To our closing words
And the moments that keep our surprise....
Track Name: Westmoreland
I will find the road that calls to us
In your very essence you know that the hardest part is done

All arise in awe of all that loves
When your taste seems bitter, we'll meet to rejuvenate the sweet

Inside, out of sight
Is the center
Why must we go so far with running jokes?
Like a dried up standup routine

It's unclear to me, you know
Track Name: What's That Racket
We spent the whole day
Stacking up our pillars
At last, at last
An intermission
A place to rest our heads

You just take for granted
All those mores that you rife
and I said
What's that racket
Shut the fuck up, just quit what yer askin'

I stoppped asking questions
Everytime I tried you always played forgetful
You might be kiddin' the rest of them
But you keep on failin' my test

I know I never say enough
But let's be fair
I took a hand in your predicaments
That you always made so clear
Just to get closer to you
Such a cold attitude

While you took for granted
All those mores that you rife
and I said
What's that racket
With yer tiskets and yer taskets it's enough to weave a basket with
Lets get closer now
Just a bit slower now

We spent the whole day
Stacking up
Our pillars
If you trade traditions
With your ambitions
Such a fallacy you'll live

You just take for granted
All those mores that you rife
and I said
What's that racket
Track Name: Our Conscience
Watch me run in circles
picking flowers
got a sentimental feeling
helps the healing process take it's course
the pressures gainin'
lives erasin'
eyes are straining
just to see what
lies beneath the surface
when you're up an at em'

you just got to take what you need only what you need
it's the great that pulls you into hell

I'm sorry for your loss

We take what we can find
nothing left to hide
leaves the whole world blind
you say you'd never know
but I told you so....